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Listeriosis Information

Media Release about Listeriosis

VICMoW FAQ Food Safety Recall due to Listeriosis

Listeria Food Poisoning information (better health channel)

Supporting You To Eat Well

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Calcium Flyer – A Resource for Services

This excellent Calcium Flyer is now a resource for services. You can download and print them yourself (colour – double side).

Clients on Film

A wonderfully engaging DVD for people working or volunteering in Meals On Wheels or any other sector servicing the elderly.

Service Information Brochures and Volunteer Recruitment Brochures

We have professionally designed brochures for members. One for potential recipients, and another for people who might like to volunteer. Below, we have samples of ones designed for a specific Council. To find out how these brochures can be adapted for your service, see the Brochure Order Form.

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Information for students and social researchers

In early 2009 we released what was, and still is, the most comprehensive data analysis of Meals On Wheels ever undertaken in Australia. The Meals Victoria Provider Survey has proven to be valuable resource to members, local government managers and students.

Just about anything you need to know about meals on wheels is contained within the Meals Provider Survey 2008. We updated certain components in 2011, and some of this information has been used by the committee for planning purposes, but the report itself has not been released to the sector or general public. Most of the information collected in 2009 is still relevant, the only difference being price / costs. There is a plan to work with government agencies and service providers on costing analysis in 2013.

Provider Survey 08

Meals Victoria Provider Survey 2008

The most comprehensive survey ever done on meals on wheels, The Meals Victoria Provider Survey 08, was launched on March the 4th 2009 at William Angliss College. Download the entire document (16.2MB) or download specific sections (1 - 4 MB each) using the links below.

Note- An updated 2011 Survey was conducted and completed, but not published.

The Meals Victoria Provider Survey 08 (16.2 MB)

Cover & Introduction
1. Suppliers
2. Meal Choices
3. Meal Testing
4. Delivery
5. Volunteers
6. Computer Systems
7. Labelling
8. Client Assessment and Feedback
9. Members
10. Sustainability
11. Supply and Budgets