More than just a meal

Meals on Wheels continues to be embraced in our communities because people recognise that we provide more than just a meal. Many of our customers, including their friends and family regard the monitoring element of the service just as important as the meal itself. The term monitoring is a professional term for looking out for. Just as you might keep an eye on and occasionally help a friend or neighbour. Our customers and their families often comment on how important this social contact is and what a significant difference it makes.

Our services do not operate in isolation. We often link or refer customers to social support programs and health professionals to help them maintain their health and independence. If someone is struggling, we might encourage a visit to a GP or other assistance. The terms preventative care or early intervention simply mean, ‘nipping something in the bud.’ Keeping people safe, healthy and independent in their own homes for as long as possible is our main objective. The amount of money the government and local services invest in our services for a year’s supply of meals is the equivalent of one or two nights in hospital, and miniscule compared with residential care.

Meals on Wheels continues to be a lifesaver for many and a very sound preventative health care investment.


Photos courtesy of NSWMOW